History of the Bären

The oldest inn in Meersburg is the Hotel Bären, founded around the year 1250 A.D. It was situated outside the first city wall to enable late travellers to sleep in a safe place when the city gate was closed for the night.

After the “new” city wall was constructed in 1300 A.D. the Bären was inside the wall and in the city.

One of the two cellars and the walls of the basement are more than 750 years old. The oldest remaining document is a bill for ground rent from the year 1456.

A license for selling alcohol was issued by Bishop Hugo von Hohenlandenberg in 1510 and is still valid today.

In 1605 the Bären was enlarged to its present size and in 1680 the building by the city gate was added to the Hotel. The Bären became the Meeersburg post station in 1688. This was the beginning of a 200 year long golden age for the hotel. One of todays garages served as a stable for the postal service horses.

After two big renovations in 1952-1954 and 1982-1988 the hotel offers 2 restaurants and 20 guest rooms, all with shower, WC, Wifi, telephone, flat screen tv and hair dryer.

In 1989 and 2000 two new garages were built nearby.

The Bären was owned by a society of Meersburg citizens, later by the town itself and by the hospital foundation. The first private owners were Georg and Notburga Eberle-Eyselin in 1832. In June 1851 Engelbert Keller came to Meersburg and bought the Bären. Since then it has remained in the family – Keller/Karrer/Gilowsky- today in the fifth generation.
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